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Where Europe Meets Asia: Georgia25

Life Through Cinema will present a weekend of Georgian films and documentaries as part of a cultural feast in London marking 25 Years since the Restoration of Georgia’s Independence: Where Europe Meets Asia: Georgia25. As well as highlighting Georgia’s geographical and cultural location as a link between continents, the season commemorates a cluster of anniversaries: the re-declaration of Georgian independence 25 years ago on 9 April 1991; the Soviet army’s crushing of peaceful protests in Tbilisi two years earlier on 9 April 1989: and Georgia’s annual Deda Ena (mother tongue) day, commemorating popular protests on 14 April 1978 that forced Soviet authorities to back down in revoking Georgian as an official language.

Most of the writers’ talks are at Asia House, five minutes walk from Regent Street Cinema.

Saturday April 16th & Sunday April 17th


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