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Since its reopening, the cinema has done a great deal of engagement work with schools in the local community and across London. In partnership with the University of Westminster, the community outreach team are committed to providing enriching opportunities for young people that promote both the heritage of the cinema and discussion related to the curriculum. Topics include themes such as identity, diversity and aspiration showcased through the medium of film. We welcome students from all Key Stages and schools.

“It was such a great day and so well organised… and the films in the cinema were just an icing on an already great cake”
KS2 Teacher at Selwyn Primary School, Newham

“From being met at the door until our departure some while later the team did everything to make the day enjoyable and relevant, and my year 7’s were buzzing all the way home.”
KS3 Teacher at Oaks Park School, Ilford

“I never knew such a fantastic and historic place existed”
 – Head of Year 9 at Acton High, Ealing

Now Showing – What’s on offer for your school?

We offer programmes and screenings that are tailored to the curriculum and offer bespoke programmes at your request. These include:
– Cinematic heritage and skills workshops
– ‘The Big Picture’ Aspiration day for KS2 and 3
– Shakespeare: from Stage to Silver Screen

For enquiries please contact Jim Carlberg

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