Zone Frequency

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London Surf / Film Festival


Prepare to have your mind expanded by some of the most radical and stylish surfing from some of the planet’s most innovative wave sliding talents… Ryan Burch, Dave Rastovich, Ozzie Wright, Robin Kegel et al

Over three years in the making, multi award-winning master filmmaker Jack Coleman returns with this stylish and visually spectacular curation of surfing from the boundaries of waveriding and beyond, taking in Australia, Indo, Morocco, Mexico, NZ, Hawaii, Fiji, Spain, and California

Combining stunning cinematography and an epic soundtrack, this fully independently funded feature, is an ode to the joy of surfing to your own tune and the highly anticipated follow to 2016’s award winning The Zone.

“Frequencies are energy – and energy is what we are all made out of – that is why we are connected to every living thing and to each other.”

Followed by a Q+A with director Jack Coleman

– PLUS –

Musical Voyage Dir. Patrick Trefz

An intimate road trip, journeying into the musical mind of surfer, musician Lee-Ann Curren. Captured on 16mm by longtime friend and collaborator Patrick Trefz and accompanied by narrative and jam sessions with Lee-Ann, Tom, Pat & Frank Curren this rich introspective travels from the Basque County to Big Sur.

Presented by Lee-Ann Curren

Showing with: Shorties shortlisted film, 5mins, UK

BBFC rating
Running time
40 mins
Jack Coleman
Bryce Young, Ryan Burch, Derrick Disney, Ozzie Wright

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October 11th

  • 19:00 Sold out
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