Yeh Freedom Life

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Open City Documentary Festival

Filmed over the course of a year in Ambedkar Nagar, a dense, largely working class area in South Delhi, Yeh Freedom Life moves between the two very different worlds of its protagonists, Sachi and Parveen, feverishly trying to keep up with the currents and swings of their respective loves. Sachi works at a local beauty parlour; Parveen runs the family’s small cigarette counter at a crowded intersection. Surrounded by a cacophonous city, Delhi-based filmmaker Priya Sen charts their pursuit of, according to Sachi, their “freedom lives” – an open existence outside of the constant scrutiny and sanction of society and family.

Followed by a Q&A with the director

In Partnership with UCL Urban Lab Films

BBFC rating
Running time
70 mins
Other features
Priya Sen

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September 7th

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