Woodpeckers Don’t Get Headaches

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Youth on the March

Ne Bolyat Golova y Detlya

In this rare opportunity to see a film by the little-known female Soviet film director, Dinara Asanova, a young boy nicknamed, ‘Fly’ or ‘Mukha’, dreams of being a rock musician.  Everybody relates to him only as the younger brother of a famous basketball player, Mukhin.

When he falls in love, over an eventful summer holiday, he hears music everywhere, in the rain, in the woodpecker’s rattle. He learns to assert himself. The film uses Asanova’s trademark mix of actors and non-actors and is pierced through with her distinctive skill at depicting the discomfort of youth, clashes with adulthood and the struggle of establishing identity.

Youth on the March is a season presented by Kino Klassika

Running time
120 mins
Other features
Dinara Asanova
Sasha Zhezlyaev, Elena Tsyplakova, Aleksandr Bogdanov

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May 22nd

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