White Rhino

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London Surf / Film Festival


An immersive, parallel story captured from the perspective of big wave surfers and photographers who witnessed the largest surf ever seen. Shot in dazzling cinematography with vivid insight, this award-winning movie is beautifully crafted around one photographer’s journey to capture the wave of a lifetime.

Three epic swells hit the South Pacific lighting up Teahupo’o and Cloudbreak, providing conditions only madmen could dream of, historical days for those who dare to challenge the ‘White Rhino’.  Epic waves, epic wipe outs, epic tales.

Featuring: Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Kalani Chapman, Kohl Christensen, Dave Wassel and Brian Bielmann.

– PLUS –

Flight 566 to Beirut Dir. Guillem Cruells (5mins)

Adrien Toyen boards a flight to the Lebanon to surf a mystical slab and voyage… home.

Tuckeroo Dir. Elly Norman (3mins)

Featuring Jaleesa Vincent. “In the water she’s elegant, yet with an air of edginess and flair that puts her in a league of her own,” said Stab. We concur.

Showing with: Shorties shortlisted film, 5mins, UK

BBFC rating
Running time
64 mins
Brent Storm
Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Kalani Chapman

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October 11th

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