When The Earth Seems To Be Light

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London Georgian Film Festival

Young Georgian skaters, artists and musicians feel trapped between the powers of the church and the political world. They create their own open spaces beneath viaducts and at other “non-places” that lend themselves to romantic notions of a free existence. Questions are posed to them about God, love and freedom, but these young people would much rather just be skating. They may be unfazed by painful falls, but narrow-mindedness really gets to them. The portraits of the skaters are based on a series of photos by David Meskhi, one of the three co-directors. This impression of their daily lives is intercut with news footage of demonstrations in Georgia.

Award winning documentary from 2015

BBFC rating
Running time
76 mins
Georgia, Germany
Other features
Tamuna Karumidze, Salome Machaidze and David Meskhi

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May 8th

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