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Youth on the March

Dozhivyom do ponedelnika

Filmed the same year as the Prague Spring, Stanislav Rostotsky’s bittersweet comedy is an elegant meditation on rebellion. High school history teacher Melnikov is torn between following the hide-bound rules of the school and his natural warmth of feeling towards his students and former pupil, young English teacher Natalya. When the students are asked to write essays on happiness, one of them burns their answers replacing them with a poem on freedom. The student is then threatened with expulsion. Melnikov, now thawed by his relationship with Natalya, must choose whether to leave his job or stay and save the boy. The film won the Golden Prize at the 1968 Moscow film festival.

Youth on the March is a season presented by Kino Klassika

Running time
106 mins
Other features
Stanislav Rostotsky
Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Irina Pechernikova, Nina Menshikova

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May 9th

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