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UK Premiere

Loneliness and isolation create three intersecting stories focused on Janan, a woman who travels to the UK for IVF treatment in her longing for a child. She returns to Afghanistan pregnant, where she learns that William, the medical sciences student who performed her insemination switched the donor’s semen to his own. Distraught Janan now faces an inevitable conflict as she learns of William’s family history and connection to the wars in her homeland.

Following the death of his wife, Professor Rahul has taken to drinking and causing trouble, landing him a prison sentence. His concerned family buy him a taxi to bide his time, resulting in his encounter with pregnant Janan. Seeking help from him, Rahul finds purpose and solace.

Followed by Q&A Session with Director

Part of the London Asian Film Festival.

Running time
85 mins
Other features
Hassan Nazer
Martine Malalai Zikria, Andrew Shaver, Homayou Nershadi

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March 11th

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