Those 4 Walls

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World Premiere

Homebound from the US for his sister’s wedding, UK born banker Krish is about to enter a tangled web of secrets, tragedies, and dreams. Reunited with best friends Aaron and Jayden, the boys reminisce, from their careers to relationships. Krish also meets domestically-abused Jasmine. With Jayden’s singing debut on the horizon, a catastrophe strikes that will revive a tragedy from the past.

A multidimensional plot, supported by a renowned British-Asian cast, Those Four Walls is a drama-induced saga of social issues, that questions, can a better life be attained?

Followed by Q&A Session with Director, Producer and Cast

Part of the London Asian Film Festival.

Running time
103 mins
Ameet Chana
Antony Costa, Kavi Shastri, Kabalen Verlkumar and many more

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March 15th

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