The World of Us

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After winning the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film at Berlinale in 2014, Yoon Ga-eun returns with her debut feature about the relationship between two ten year-old girls. But scratch below the surface and The World of Us is about much more than this. Its understated yet captivating exploration of social pressures and cultural identity in South Korea will surely leave a lasting impression amongst audiences.

The film kicks off LEAFF’s Stories of Women strand at Regent Street Cinema, and represents the tempestuous transition from childhood to adolescence. It follows Sun, who is the victim of bullies and an outcast at her local school. During the summer holidays she meets Jia, who has just moved to the area. Sun introduces Jia to the neighbourhood and slowly their relationship blossoms – but when the new semester starts, Jia catches on to the social hierarchy at class and their relationship takes a turn.

Reconciling their differences and navigating the social landscape in their school is just the start of their journey towards understanding each other and the world around them.

Followed by a Q&A

Part of the London East Asia Film Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
95 mins
South Korea
Other features
Yoon Ga-eun
Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in, Lee Seo-yeon

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October 26th

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