The White Room

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In post-Brexit Britain, nothing is certain, especially not for Alberto, a Colombian immigrant working London health spa. Mild-mannered, almost shy, he blends into the multi-ethnic city to which he has come to earn money to pay for his mother’s operation back home. The streets of London aren’t paved with gold but with old chip wrappers, and Alberto has found himself trapped in a vicious circle.

Staying in London beyond his plans, the fervently religious man becomes obsessed that God has a destiny marked out for him. Everywhere he begins to see signs – on the streets, in bars and most potently on the clients he massages. When one day, a ‘third-way’ politician, Jackie Jordan, visits the spa Alberto sees a sign that will set him on the path to his ultimate destiny. Absorbing the Bible, Nostradamus, Palmistry and the Qur’an in its mythology, this is a taut, poignant East London based thriller with a supernatural twist.

BBFC rating
Running time
87 mins
James Erskine
Kae Alexander, Óscar Jaenada, Celyn Jones

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June 5th

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