The Summer of Miracles

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UK Asian Film Festival

Inspired by the H.G.Wells novel, nine-year-old Anand is obsessed with becoming invisible and dabbles in increasingly dangerous experiments. The tactics of his distraught family pushes him further into a world of his imagination. Adding to the mystery is the arrival of his teenage cousin who seems to have a secret of her own.

The Summer of Miracles unfolds in two narratives. The manifest one speaks of loss, the bite of reality, and the imaginary worlds we enclose ourselves in to find reprieve. Meanwhile a latent narrative, in which everyone is a metaphor, unravels the stark political reality of contemporary India.

Followed by a Q&A with director Prasanth Vijay

and actress Reina Maria

Running time
117 mins
Other features
Prasanth Vijay
Chandra Kiran GK, Reina Maria, Arya Manikandan

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March 17th

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