The Human Cargo

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On August 8, 1991 about 20,000 young Albanians arrive in Bari Italy crammed onto one boat carrying only the clothes they are wearing.

The documentary is based on thoroughly filmed archival material, covering every step of the ship’s journey, from the collectively energetic boarding of the masses and flooding of the ship in the Albanian port, to the astonishing, dramatic footage of the flock of people crossing the Adriatic Sea with helicopters hovering over the ship, stirring excited reactions from the passengers, screaming “Italia! Italia!” and waving the victory sign. In that scene, one of the Italian commentators interviewed in the film says, “I did not understand the victory sign, what have they won?” signalling the downward spiral of the story.

Part of the Rights and Might Film Festival

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Running time
90 mins
Italy, Albania
Other features
Daniele Vicari

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June 25th