The Himalayas

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London Korean Film Festival 2016 Teaser Screening
with introduction from Dr. Anton Bitel

Based on true events, legendary mountaineer Um Hong-gil (Hwang Jung-min) sets out on a mission to retrieve the body of compatriot, Park Moon-taek (Jung Woo) from the slopes of Everest. In the 22 years since Um first scaled the Himalayas in 1985, he has completed some of the world’s most challenging climbs, and many with his friend, the junior mountaineer Park. In 2005, after Um’s retirement, Park Moo-taek lost his life in an accident shortly after beginning their descent from the peak of Everest. Confronting this tragic news, Um Hong-gil forms a team to recover Park’s body, which led a historically unprecedented expedition to the Death Zone, 8,750m above sea level.

Actor Hwang Jung-min who portrays Um Hong-gil explained, “I wanted Um Hong-gil to come across as a figure who himself has the weight of a mountain. I tried hard to faithfully depict his magnanimity and resolve as a team leader.” Speaking of the character of Park Moo-taek, actor Jung Woo commented, “Park has a pure-hearted love of the mountain, and he exhibits a fierce determination, even a willingness to offer his life in the pursuit of his dreams.”

BBFC rating
Running time
124 mins
South Korea
Lee Seok-hoon
Hwang Jung-min, Jung Woo, Cho Seong-ha

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August 4th

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