The Female Lens: An Illuminatrix Showcase

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London Short Film Festival

With women making up less than 7% of cinematographers in the UK, female DoP collective illuminatrix was founded in 2016 as a go-to resource to discover working women in the field quickly and easily, no excuses.

We turn focus to this chronic underrepresentation and the brilliant women of the illuminatrix roster, looking to the resulting female gaze when women helm the camera in an eclectic cross section of shorts. Featuring a healthy handful of festival alumni from across the years, illuminatrix and their DoPs will join us post-screening in Q&A. 78’

YELLOW, Simon Beaufoy/Billie Eltringham, 1998, 13’

THE CURSE, Fyzal Boulifa, shot by Taina Galis, 2012, 16’

STEAMERS, Rebecca Coley, shot by Rina Yang, 2015, 11’

SIS, Deborah Joan Haywood, shot by Gabi Norland, 2010, 11’

HEAVY METAL DRUMMER, Toby MacDonald/Luke Morris, shot by Natasha Braier, 2005, 6’

DEAD DOG, Edward Jeffreys, shot by Emma Dalesman, 2008, 8’

YEAH YEAH YEAH, Marcel Fores, shot by Neus Ollé, 2006, 13’

Please join us afterwards in the Regent St bar to further toast the talent with drinks at the bar kindly provided by Panalux.

BBFC rating
Running time
78 mins

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January 14th

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