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London Spanish Film Festival

El Intercambio

Jaime and Eva have been married for a long time and to revive their relationship and sex life agree to a couples swap. Eva’s not that sure but Jaime is really excited at the prospect of a young Brazilian girl for him and a rather old and anodyne man for her. However things become more complicated than expected when they meet the rather unusual couple, who are not whom they were supposed to be… A dark and crazy comedy of misunderstandings with an unforgettable performance from Rossy de Palma as Dominadora.

Preceded by the short The Aubergine (La Berenjena)

by, Gsus López, with Sandra Ciller, Estefanía López, Oliver Yellop | UK/Spain | 2017 | 3 mins | cert. 18 | In Spanish and English with English subtitles

Frustrated by her not finding a boyfriend, a girl asks a friend to witness her Tinder date via Skype and give her feedback.

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BBFC rating
Running time
84 mins
Other features
Ignacio Nacho
Mara Guill, Pepón Nieto, Hugo Silva, Rossy de Palma

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September 22nd

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