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London Korean Film Festival

Festival Programmer and Film Critic Park Kiyong’s career began soon after graduating from the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) in 1987. His major break as a director came in 1997 with Motel Cactus, which was invited to screen at the 2nd Busan International Film Festival, followed by the 2002 indie Camel(s), which received

international recognition.

As Head of KAFA, Park developed the ‘Feature film & Animation Production’ programme – that helped turn the institution into a worldclass film school – as well as producing many feature length graduation projects, such as the critical success Bleak Night (Yoon Sung-hyun, 2010). Park also served as the director of Cinema Digital Seoul (CinDi), before joining the faculty at Dankook University Graduate School of Cinematic Content since its opening in 2012.

A remarkable documentarian, Park’s first essay film Moving (2011), was about a Korean immigrant couple struggling to survive after the Christchurch earthquake, he followed this with Garibong (2013) and Yanji (2015), which deal with diaspora, and a film on the 2018 Paralympics is in the works. More recently, Park marked a return to narrative fiction with Old Love (2017) and Tears of Mokpo (2018).

This extended conversation will give further insight to the mind behind three titles featured in the ‘Indie Firepower’ strand: Motel Cactus, Camel(s) and Old Love.

Park Kiyong’s selected filmography:

Old Love (2017) – Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Producer

Picture Of Hell (2016) – Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Producer

Yanji (2015) – Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor/ Producer

50_Fifties (2014) – Director/ Editor/ Producer

Garibong (2013) – Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor/ Producer

Moving (2011) – Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor/ Co-producer

Camel(s) (2001) – Director/ Writer

Digital Search (2001) – Director/ Writer

Motel Cactus (1997) – Director/ Writer


Tony Rayns

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November 11th

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