Tales From Tin Pan Alley

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Soundscreen Festival

The true ‘unsung heroes’ of Tin Pan Alley are the musicians, the songwriters, the music publishers, the Luthiers, the technicians and the people from behind-the-scenes who have come out of the woodwork, out of history and out of retirement to approach us. Individuals that would be very hard to find in any other circumstance have come forward from across the globe, saying, ‘We want to be in this special documentary film!’  We have them here now. This is their story – a contemporary urban Canterbury Tale – a vital testament from over 30 musicians, broadcasters and historians.

In 2018 Tin Pan Alley’s 110 year old music legacy is currently in peril due to ensuing gentrification, leading to upcoming penthouse flats, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall. The legacy of those who worked in the street is our testament to Denmark Street’s unique place in international cultural history. The struggle for those remaining, continues…

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Linda Lewis, Chas McDevitt and Drew Ellis

BBFC rating
Running time
85 mins
Henry Scott-Irvine

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March 23rd

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