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Mohsen and Vincenzo live on two opposite shores of the Mediterranean Sea: the first in Tunisia, the latter in Lampedusa. Their empathy for the sad destiny of those who lost their lives at sea, in a tragic attempt to look for a better life, will bring both to give a final tribute to those bodies and to their belongings, though their own communities are against this act of mercy.

Irene Dioniso tells the story of an epistolary friendship born of the commitment to do something good in the wake of a humanitarian tragedy.

Sponde is presented in collaboration with SalinaDocFest.
SalinaDocFest is based on a dream, the dream of giving a proper cinema to Salina and of making a cinema of the whole of the Salina island. This dream is sustained with extreme love and passion by Giovanna Taviani, the festival director, who believes in documentary filmmaking, a non-mainstream genre that has recently experienced great moments in Italy as well, thanks to that unique language which has brough the Berlinale 2016 Golden Bear to Fuocammare, a documentary by Italian filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi. The film has also been screened during the last edition of the SDF. For our festival, documentary cinema means storytelling, reportage, honesty, language innovation and even dreaming, hence the choice of the stunning Island of Salina as the location for the festival.

Running time
90 mins
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Irene Dioniso

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January 12th

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