Special Focus Forum: A Century of Korean Cinema

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London Korean Film Festival

Participants: Darcy Paquet, Yoo Un-seong  

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Korean Cinema, this year’s ‘Special Focus’ programme strand features UK and European premiere film screenings of culturally-important retrospective titles, many newly restored: from a 1940s masterpiece produced in formerly united Korea, to the second film in Korean cinema history directed by a woman, and beloved 1990s indie gems. In this associated Special Focus Forum event, invited guests will paint an overview of Korean cinema’s rich history, tracing its past, discussing its present and proposing its future.

What is the first Korean film ever made? What it is ‘traditional’ Korean filmmaking and what defines its characteristics? What has shaped the tone and voice of each decade and its most notable titles? Part One of the Forum will see film critic Darcy Paquet tracing the origins and the legacy of Korean film classics to Korean ‘new wave’ and contemporary school of filmmakers, to unwrap the cultural and contextual specifics.

Darcy Paquet is an American film critic, university lecturer, author and actor. A native of Massachusetts, he has been living in Seoul since 1997. In 2011, Paquet was awarded the Korea Film Reporters Association Award at the 15th Busan International Film Festival for his contributions in introducing Korean cinema to the world. He is the author of New Korean Cinema: Breaking the Waves, and artistic director of the Wildflower Film Awards Korea.

In Part Two, fellow film critic Yoo Un-seong will present a case study of the Korean Cinema of the 1990s, taking an indepth look at how the film industry has changed, and the new school of filmmaking and film consumption has shaped and informed each other.

Yoo Un-seong is a Korean film critic and co-publisher of Okulo, a journal of cinema and the moving image. He has worked as a programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival (2004~2012) and the program director of the Moonji Cultural Institute SAII (2012~2014). In 2018, he published Ghost And The Guards, a collection of essays on cinema, art and literature. He co-edited the books including Pedro Costa (2010), Roberto Rossellini (2004), Carl Dreyer (2003), among others and etc.

The Forum will conclude with a conversation between the two guest speakers and time for questions and comments from the audience.

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90 mins

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November 7th

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