Something Quite Peculiar: The Life and Times of Steve Kilbey

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Soundscreen Festival

The Church’s ‘Under The Milky Way’ is one of the great Australian anthems.  But for the man who wrote it, success became a portal into a world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll that almost destoyed his life. This is the story of Steve Kilbey. By any metric Steve Kilbey, frontman of Oz rock pioneers The Church, has been one of Australia’s most prolific and influential musicians.  Over 40 years he’s released more that 750 songs across almost 50 albums, earning himself endless accolades and a place in the ARIA Hall of Fame.  But most people know him for his 1988 international hit, ‘Under The Milky Way’ – a self-described “accident”, which kickstarted a lost decade of heroin addiction and would eventually cost him and his family and almost his mind.

Followed by a Q&A with Steve Kilbey

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85 mins
Mike Brook

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March 22nd

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