Side A Side B

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UK Asian Film Festival

Set in a small Kashmiri town rife with militancy, where watching TV and films has been banned for years, Side A Side B is a satirical take on the issue of the Kashmir conflict. It tells of an unlikely group of film lovers who come together to a make a film in a place where evening mentioning them could get you killed. The black comedy is a simple story of a people and their love of cinema and what that means during extreme situations. It looks at how art can provide hope and joy during even the most trying of conditions and above all, how a shared love of the big screen can allow us to relate to those who’s harrowing circumstances couldn’t be more alien to us.

The screening will be preceded by a drinks reception at 7.00pm and followed by a Q&A.

BBFC rating
Running time
115 mins
India, Canada
Other features
Rahat Kazmi
Shoib Nikash Shah, Raghubir Yadav, Rahul Singh

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March 17th

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