Shorts Programme B

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Stories of Intimacy Across Cultures

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The Call of Trung (Goi Trúng) 22 mins

Dir. Regragui Hicham

A Vietnamese woman and a Moroccan man married during the first Indochina War (1946-54). Now living in rural Morocco the elderly couple are faced with a major dilemma.

Safe Space  13 mins

Director Zora Rux

When harmless advances turn into a sexual assault, a group of activists fighting for refugee rights in Berlin is forced to re-examine  their aims and liberal ideals.


Listen 13 mins

Dirs Hamy Ramezan & Rungano Nyoni

Copenhagen. A police station. A foreign woman, wearing a burqa is there with her young son to file a complaint. Yet, it seems the translator is not willing to report what she is telling.

Right of Passage 15 mins

Dir. Emma Wheeler.

Three LGBT refugees who have settled in Germany share details of their struggles against the prejudice they have faced, both in their countries of origin and now in Germany.

Samira 28 mins

Dir. Nicola Mai

An Algerian migrant man works as a travesti at night in Marseille. When his father is dying he plans to remove his hormone induced breasts in order to become the male head of the household in Algeria.


Staying with Friends (Zu Gast Bei Freunden) 24 mins

Dir. Luisa Ricar

Brigitte decides to help Rachid, a refugee from Burkina Faso, by illegally hiding him in her flat in Zurich. The unequal power relationship leads to tension and unexpected consequences.

Part of the Rights and Might Film Festival

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Running time
95 mins

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June 25th