Shorts Programme A

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Stories of Freedom & Identity

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Le Bleu blanc rouge de Mes Cheveux 22 mins

Dir Josza Anjembe

Having obtained her baccalaureate a young Cameroonian has only one desire, to acquire French nationality. But her father is fiercely opposed to it.

Love in the age of EU 3 mins

Dir Ebele Okoye

A visual adaptation of the poem “Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU” by Björn Kuhligk.

Un Lugar 12 mins

Dir. Ivan Fernandez de Cordoba

A family stops to help a man whose car has broken down. When they realise that he is an immigrant their first feelings are of fear and distrust.

DEM  DEM!   25 mins

Dir Pape Bouname Lopy, M Rechia, C Rolin

A gentle poetic and surreal comedy exploring questions of identity and migration.

Lodgers 22 mins

Dir Keni Ogunlola

A comedy detailing the high hopes and expectations of skilled migrants battling against the  frustrating effects of government policies on their lives.

Part of the Rights and Might Film Festival

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Featured image from DEM DEM!

Running time
84 mins

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June 25th