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Presented by CinemaItaliaUK

Join CinemaItaliaUK for an evening of award winning short films on LGBT+ lives and loves, in collaboration with Shorts on Tap and the Lovers Film Festival Turin.

Colla (Glue) by Renato Muro

A journey of discovery begins for Domenico at a crossroads between his adolescence and maturity. (30mins).

Il Manichino (The Mannequin) by Renato Muro

A child discovers a dummy abandoned in a field in suburban Rome. Here begins a fascination for this lifeless body, which will mark a discovery of a new world… (12mins).

Loris sta bene (Loris is Fine) by Simone Bozzelli

Loris is a naive young man searching for a much desired symbiosis in his relationship with Valerio, who is HIV-positive. (20mins).

Odio il Rosa! (I Hate Pink!) by Margherita Ferri

A portrait of a modern family and an insight into the everyday life of a gender nonconforming child. (15mins).

Sonderkommando by Nicola Ragone

Two strangers meet as they are deported to a concentration camp. Once they arrive at their destination, one is chosen to be a Labourer of Death – a Sonderkommando. (19mins).  

BBFC rating
Running time
96 mins
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April 9th

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