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Seret International

UK Premiere

Menachem, a former front man for a rock band, has adopted a deeply devout life.  Now a widower, he has a gravely-ill six-year-old daughter and he’s desperate to find a way to pay for her cancer treatment. He gets his band together for one last tour, to raise the funds. The journey to save his daughter, handled with delicacy and great emotional insight in this award-winning feature, opens old wounds, through which he connects his secular past and music, to pave the road to his own redemption.

Followed by a Q&A with Main Actor Moshe Folkenflick

“Thanks to Folkenflick’s performance, the many conflicts tearing at Menachem’s soul have the texture of truth, pain and confusion.” – Sarah Ward, Screen Daily

Festivals and Awards

Jerusalem Film Festival 2018 Winner Audience Award and Best Music – Assa Talmudi

Karlovy Vary Festival 2018 Winner of Ecumenical Jury Award Director – Yossi Madmoni and Winner Best Actor – Moshe Folkenflick

BBFC rating
Running time
104 mins
Other features
Yossi Madmoni and Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
Moshe Folkenflick, Emily Granin, Yonatan Galila

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May 5th

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