President Blaník

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In this spin-off of the popular Blanik Bureau series, lobbyist Tonda Blanik sets off to become the Czech president in the 2018 presidential election and sell the country to China.

Tonda Blanik, a fictional Czech lobbyist and spin doctor, announces his candidacy for the 2018 Czech presidential elections promising corruption, butter and lithium to all. Despite collecting over 100,000 signatures, he misses the deadline for registration. Not willing to give up his plan to sell the Czech Republic to China he tiressly manipulates the elections only to have a change of heart at the last minute. A spin-off of the popular Blaník Bureau series, a hard hitting political satire mapping contemporary Czech politics, the comedy astutely reflects the elections offering subversive alternative explanations of real events. Incorporating real presidential candidates and a plethora of Czech public figures it proves that even politicians in the series’ firing line are fans.

Part of Czech100: Made In Prague Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins
Czech Republic
Marek Najbrt
Marek Daniel, Michal Dalecky, Halka Tresnakova

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November 2nd

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