People With No Tomorrow

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KINOTEKA Film Festival

An absolute masterpiece of Polish cinematography filmed during the period in between World War One and Two. The story is based on fact, making it so controversial. The film was actually lost for one hundred years before a Krakow film specialist found the reels in the German Federal Archives. Finally, a century later, this scandalous silent movie returns to tell a story of love, tragedy, mystery and most importantly history.

Performed live during the screening of the film, the soundtrack composed by Pawel Szamburski, Patryk Zakrocki, and Sebastian Wypych contains prominent references to classic pre-war tangos which brilliantly enhance the suspense of this extraordinary work of Polish cinematography.

Running time
83 mins
Other features
Aleksander Hertz
Józef Wegrzyn, Halina Bruczówna, Pawel Owerllo

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April 8th

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