New Shorts: Thrill Of The Chase

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London Short Film Festival

This selection commits to the thrill of the chase offering up shorts to quicken the pulse, dipping between offbeat thrillers, Natural Born Killers-style love affairs and docs fuelled on adrenaline. Dive into international war zones and tornado chasing across America with new work from Matt Harlock (American: The Bill Hicks Story) and stand-up-turned-director-cum-author Nat Luurtsema, and performances from Paul Kaye and Jo Hartley (This is England). 86’

RAIN CATCHER, Michele Fiascaris, UK, 16’

THE LAST STORM, Liam Saint-Pierre, UK, 21’

RUN BABY RUN, Timo Ottevanger, Netherlands, 12’

GAME OVER, Adam Jenkins, UK, 7’

WAR PAINT, Nat Luurtsema, UK, 16’

DEEP CLEAN, Matt Harlock, UK, 14’

Please note, this programme depicts attempted sexual assault.

BBFC rating
Running time
86 mins

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January 17th

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