New Shorts: Animation Variety Show

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London Short Film Festival

Fantastical, polemical, political or whimsical – animation does the job best. Absent parents, rural Texas, the beauty of women’s bodies and a little boy who may actually be a cat create beautiful and unexpected pictures of the worlds we live in that only animation mavericks could conjure up. 90’

I’M GOING OUT FOR CIGARETTES, Osman Cerfon, France, 14’

MARFA, Greg McLeod/Myles McLeod, UK, 9’

IN OUR SKIN, Rosa Beiroa, UK, 4’

TRUMP DREAMS, Ruth Lingford, UK, 4’

NEITHER HERE, NOR THERE, Sanjana Chandrasekhar/Gabriella Mussurakis, UK, 2’

BELOW, Olga Makarchuk, UK, 8’

MY MOTHER’S EYES, Jenny Wright, UK, 5’

AGOURO, David Doutel/Vasco Sá, Portugal, 15’

AM I ORIGHT, Yen Liang Chen, Taiwan, 4’

ADAM, Emma Allen, UK, 2’

I’M OK, Elizabeth Hobbs, UK, 6’

SUNSCAPADES, Ben Mitchell, UK, 6’

CAT DAYS, Jon Frickey, Germany, 11’

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins

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January 13th

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