Moon Dogs

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UK Premiere

Michael lives with his stepbrother and music genius Thor in Shetland. Thrust together by their parents’ marriage they barely talk– but when Thor ruins Michael’s chances of going to University with his girlfriend Suzy they embark on a chaotic road trip that will push their tenuous relationship to the brink. En-route they encounter Caitlin, a singular, wild, free spirit who dreams of being a singer. The boys fall in love with her and we follow their adventures on the road to Glasgow.

Starring a cast of up and coming actors from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, including singer and actress Tara Lee, Jack Parry-Jones and actor and musician Christy O’Donnell, the film also promises a moving original soundtrack from Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe.

BAFTA (Scotland) nominated for Best Feature Film.

Friday’s premiere will be followed by a Q&A with the main cast, and then a silent disco.

BBFC rating
Running time
93 mins
Philip John
Jack Parry-Jones, Tara Lee, Christy O'Donnell

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September 2nd

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