Mobile Homes

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London Premiere

Ali (Imogen Poots) is a young mother devoted to her eight-year-old son and committed to her controlling boyfriend Evan. Sustained by the dream of securing a place of their own to live and building a happy future together, the trio drift from motels to abandoned houses and dabble in petty-criminal schemes in an attempt keep a roof over their heads.

When her son is caught up in a police raid, Ali is given the wake-up call she needs to finally free Evan’s toxic grip over her, and she discovers a mobile home community offering an alternative life.

Flitting between gritty realism set in the fringes of North America’s rootless underclass to dreamy abstraction, Mobile Homes is a mesmerising expansion of director Vladimir de Fontenany’s award-winning short of the same name.

Followed by a Q&A with Vladimir De Fontenay

BBFC rating
Running time
105 mins
Canada, France
Vladimir De Fontenay
Imogen Poots, Callum Turner, Callum Keith Rennie

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July 5th

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