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Mise-en-Scene Shorts Selection 1

London Korean Film Festival

Tombstone Refugee

Director: Han Ka-ram

Writer: Han Ka-ram

Producer: Yu Young-sik

Cast: Lee Jae-in, Jang Jun-whee

International Sales: Korean Film Council

Drama / 2017 / 24 min / Cert. 15 / Bluray / Colour

Living is expensive, but death isn’t much cheaper. Da-bin’s dad couldn’t afford to look after her mother properly, let alone to pay to have her cremated in a proper manner. So he decides to take matters into his own hands, and takes Da-bin and her younger sister Han-sol along for the ride. Attempts at ‘alternative’ burials, dining and dashing, and their father’s ineptitude make for a tiresome day, and all end badly. But this leads the girls to some pretty big philosophical questions, and memories come flooding back. Da-bin and Han-sol must teach each other, and themselves, how to say good-bye.

Home Without Me

Director: Kim Hyun-jung

Writer: Kim Hyun-jung

Producer: Oh Seong-ho

Cast: Kim Min-seo, Park Ji-hoo, Im Ho-joon

Rights Holder: Kim Hyun-jung

Drama, Romance / 2017 / 33 min / Cert. 12A / Bluray / Colour

Sae-young seems a typical young girl – smart, sweet, a bit precocious – and craves the love and attention of her older sister, Sun-young. Their mother works long and late hours, their father is all but absent, and Sun-young is now a teenager and doesn’t want to be burdened with her sister’s care. More than anything Sae-young wants to be a Girl Scout, like her older sister. In her desperation to escape from lonely nights alone and to find some familial love and friendship, Sae-young might have to sneak behind her sister’s back to make her dreams come true.


Director: You Su-min

Writer: You Su-min

Producer: You Su-min, Kim Min-sung

Cast: Oh Hee-jun, Lee Hae-woon, Oh Dong-min

International Sales: Korean Film Council

Action, Drama / 2017 / 29 min / Cert. 15 / Bluray / Colour

Blackie is just trying to do his job. It’s not much of a job, delivering food to mostly ungrateful people, but it’s something, and he can skim a little off the top now and then. But then he runs into his old classmate, Sung-yong; Sung-yong might be a criminal, but he drives a fancy car and seems to be happy. Does it matter that he drives his car to secluded locations in the middle of the night with strange baggage? Blackie just needs to know how to make a little more money, and show Sung-yong what it really takes to survive.

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins

Mise-en-Scene Shorts Selection 2

London Korean Film Festival

Between You and Me

Director: Lee Dae-young

Writer: Lee Dae-young

Producer: Lee Dae-young

Cast: Lim Sun-woo, Moon Hye-in, Lee Seung-won

Rights Holder: Lee Dae-young

Comedy / 2017 / 14 min / Cert. 12A / Bluray / Colour

Movie audiences see the glamour and spectacle of a film. But from the other side, it can be frustrating and time-consuming, with anger and egos clashing over the smallest things. Min-gyeong is trying to film the simplest of scenes, sitting in a car and eating kimbap. But arguments with the director over costume and script, lack of pay, no lunch break, and a very complicated sandwich wrap make the scene almost impossible. But who is the director, and who is the actress? Identities and roles shift in an on-set power struggle and the need to film the perfect take.


Director: Lee Seung-hwan

Writer: Lee Seung-hwan

Producer: Sin Gi-chun

Cast: Yang Ji-il, Kwon Ki-ha, Kim Jong-tae

International Sales: Indiestory

Horror, Fantasy / 2017 / 24 min / Cert. 15 / Bluray / Colour

Woo-jin loves water. He is alone and at peace when he swims, either in competition, or alone at night in the school swimming pool, some of the few moments he gets to himself. He is expected to take care of his handicapped brother: dinner, bathing, changing diapers. Woo-jin loves his brother, but does everything for him, and even then, his father asks him to do more. But suddenly, Woo-jin has the opportunity to break free of these constraints, to fulfill a dream and escape from the tyranny of his father and the monotony of looking after his brother. But how far will his guilt let him go?

The Insect Woman

Director: Kim Hyun

Writer: Kim Hyun

Producer: Lee Woo-suk

Cast: Lim Ye-eun, Kim Do-yun, Moon Woo-bin

International Sales: Central Park Films

Horror, Fantasy / 2017 / 20 min / Cert. 15 / Bluray / Colour

Hui-eun has two obsessions: becoming class president, and former classmate So-hyun. It seems that Hui-eun has a problem with bullying her fellow classmates, and is trying to mend her ways. She’ll even go so far as to pay So-hyun to stand by her as she makes her campaign speech. But Hui-eun is also forming a fascination with insects: the ants that crawl on the ground, those strange, tiny creatures that eschew pretensions and strive to achieve their goal at any cost. As Hui-eun’s obsessions with the ants grow, so does her desire to emulate them – perhaps a bit too much.

2 Nights 3 Days

Director: Cho Eun-ji

Writer: Cho Eun-ji

Producer: Lee Chi-bum

Cast: Jeong Soo-ji, Song Ji-hyuk, Yu Chang-suk

Production Company: Brother Pictures

International Sales: Film Dabin

Drama, Romance / 2017 / 29 min / Cert. 12A / Bluray / Colour

Ji-eun loves boyfriend Min-gyu, and can’t wait to meet up with him for their anniversary. Unfortunately, he has little interest in any kind of celebration, and leaves Jin-eun at his apartment with his useless brother, angry father, and sleeping grandmother. Ji-eun waits for him, and then refuses to leave the apartment. Inextricably entwined with his family, whose inner turmoil boils to the surface, the young girl finds herself caught between sadness and anger, trying to reconcile her attachment to Min-gyu with his dismissive attitude, and her own desire for a little bit of love and happiness, which might manifest in unusual ways.

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins

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