Martyrs of Love

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Made in Prague Film Festival

Jan Nemec Retrospective

In this triptych of mournful comedies characterised by love turning sour we meet a young office worker who fantasises about erotic encounters, a girl dreaming of working as a maid being wooed by aristocrats and an orphan who stumbles across a family of wealthy eccentrics who welcome him as a long lost relative. A surreal trio of stories inspired by silent films in which frustration is replaced by daydreaming and music stands in for dialogue creating a world independent of reality.

Jan Němec, Czechoslovakia 1967, 70‘

Cast: Lindsay Anderson, Karel Gott, Jan Klusák, Marta Kubišová, Hana Kuberová


Playing with the short film

The Czech Connection

The discovery of the dead body of Jan Nemec with a suitcase, a dagger, and covered by newspapers on a dump is the beginning of this short experimental film conceived by the director as a metaphor for his own death.

Jan Nemec, Germany, 1975, 36’

Cast: Gene Moskowitz

BBFC rating
Running time
70 mins
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November 11th

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