LSFF 2018: Welcome II the Terrordome

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London Short Film Festival

Presented by Cigarette Burns

Archive screening of the uncompromising feature debut from pioneering Black British filmmaker Ngozi Onwurah.

In a futuristic city, racial tensions explode in the wake of a child’s death.

What I got better get some

Get on up, hustler of culture

Snake bitten, been spit in the face

But the rhymes keep fitting

Respect’s been given’, how’s ya living

Now I can’t protect a paid off defect

Check the record and reckon an intentional wreck

Played off as some intellect

Made the call, took the fall, broke the laws

Not my fault that they’re falling off

Known as fair square throughout my years

So I growl at the living foul

Black to the bone my home is your home

But welcome to the Terrordome

(Chuck D, Public Enemy, Fear of a Black Planet, Def Jam Records 1990)

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins
Ngozi Onwurah
Suzette Llewellyn, Saffron Burrows, Felix Joseph

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January 19th

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