Little Vera

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Youth on the March

Malinkaya Vera

Famous for being the first Soviet film to show frontal nudity, Little Vera, played by Natalya Negoda, is a small-town girl trapped in the soul-deadening environment of a provincial port town. A chance meeting with handsome student Sergei makes her claim she is pregnant. He obligingly marries her and moves in with her dysfunctional family. Violence ensues when Natalya’s drunken father stabs Sergei.  Persuaded to lie about the incident by her mother and coming to realise her genuine love for the student, Vera teeters on the edge. Sergei rescues her, almost by accident. What kind of future will they have?

Introduced by Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian

Youth on the March is a season presented by Kino Klassika

Running time
128 mins
Other features
Vasili Pichul
Natalya Negoda, Andrey Sokolov

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June 27th

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