Letter from my Village

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CREAM Screen presents:

Kaddu Beykat (Lettre Paysanne/Letter from my Village), Safi Faye 1976

A rare and timely opportunity to see Safi Faye’s 1976 docu-drama Kaddu Beykat (Letter from my Village), considered to be the first feature film made by a Sub-Saharan African woman. Taking the form of a letter narrated by the filmmaker, the film is set in the filmmaker’s native village of Fadjal, Senegal, with the villages playing themselves. Ostensibly centred on a love story between two youths from the village, the film chronicles the agricultural day to day life and the problems caused by the inherited colonial peanut monoculture.

The screening will be introduced and followed by a discussion between Uriel Orlow (CREAM, University of Westminter), Shela Sheikh (Goldsmiths College) and Ros Gray (Goldsmiths College) focusing on the pertinent economic and ecological issues raised in the film.

To accompany the screening, Uriel Orlow will launch his exhibition publication ‘Soil Affinities’.

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins
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Safi Faye

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April 29th

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