Let’s Rock Again!

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Soundscreen Festival

Let’s Rock Again!  Is a one-hour music documentary that follows rock icon Joe Strummer as he tours across America and Japan.  Strummer’s main objective is simple – to get his music out to the people and get his record to break even so that he can have another chance to rock again.  In his humble quest, we even see Joe handing out flyers on the boardwalk and making a cold-call visit to a New Jersey radio station in order to get his music on the air and fans to his gig.More importantly however, is the intimate portrait depicted.  This film was produced by Strummer and long-time friend Dick Rude and together they open the door to an exclusive view of the man never seen before.In 2002, the world lost Joe to a congenital heart condition.  Let’s Rock Again is his final message, a story about never giving up!

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Lucinda Tait  and Mescaleros’ Tymon Dogg

BBFC rating
Running time
68 mins
Other features
Dick Rude

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March 25th

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