La Ola Sin Fronteras

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London Surf / Film Festival

Julian and Joaquin Azulay, (Gauchos del Mar) have garnered a reputation as hardy, nomadic, waveriding adventurers. In this much anticipated, thought-provoking documentary they go searching for waves in the remote and under-explored Falkland Islands, an often inhospitable and inaccessible archipelago of over seven hundred islands. The Argentinian brothers spend nearly two months immersed in the islands’ culture, searching for waves on foot, by 4×4 truck, on inter-island planes and sailboat. What they discover is a beautiful yet often bleak landscape, where the scars of the Falkland War are still visible, both in the minefields and in society. They hope to make new friends and share waves – but can the shadow of the conflict be overcome?

– PLUS –

Flux Dir. Lewis Arnold (5 mins)

Asking questions on the state of surfing today – disparate strands are evolving and in flux… a low-fi experiment starring JJF.

Showing with: Shorties shortlisted film, 5mins, UK

BBFC rating
Running time
73 mins

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October 12th

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