Journey For One Smile + Kids Workshop

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KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival

Two teenage cousins, Duduś (Filip Łobodziński) and Poldek (Henryk Gołębiewski), are due to take a train to the seaside for their summer holidays. By a stroke of bad luck, they lose their money at the train station and decide instead to hitch-hike the long journey across the whole of Poland from Kraków to Hel. They have numerous adventures on their travels, learning something about themselves along the way. Based on a popular children’s book and television series, Journey For One Smileis an iconic piece of children’s cinema that still brings warm nostalgia to many adults today.

Join Fun Kidsand the Polish Cultural Institute for family friendly workshop before the screening of Journey For One Smile. A Polish Treasure Hunt including discovery trails, map reading and riddles will give you a head start on Duduś and Poldek’s fun-filled adventure from the south to the north of Poland. Discover the most exciting new destinations to visit in Poland, take part in the prize draw and experience the traditional goodies from Poland brought to you byThe Polish Bakery. We are sure to make you hungry for more!

Workshop for children will start at 12:00

Film screening will begin at 13:00

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£11/£8/£7 for single screening

£9/£8/£7 for 2-3 screenings

£8/£7/£6 for 4+ screenings

BBFC rating
Running time
86 mins
Other features
Stanislaw Jedryka
Henryk Golebiewski, Filip Lobodzinski, Alina Janowska

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April 7th

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