Jealousy Is My Middle Name

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London Korean Film Festival

South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-ok assembles some of the finest domestic names working today for her award-winning first feature Jealousy Is My Middle Name. Her debut follows Lee Won-sang (Park Hae-il), a heartbroken graduate student who finds himself writing for the married editor who recently wooed his girlfriend. It’s a confusing time for Lee – the kind of man who sings slow karaoke songs and brings you an orange when you’re hungover – and he soon finds himself strangely bonded to his editor (played by legendary actor Mun Sung-kun) instead of resenting him. However, when his new crush, chain-smoking photographer Park Seong-yeon (Bae Jong-ok) falls for the same editor, Lee is faced with the predicament of losing another key person in his life. Mentored by Hong Sangsoo, Park has echoed the auteur’s take on character drama with this subtle, soulful emotional study, anchored by an excellent cast.

BBFC rating
Running time
125 mins
South Korea
Park Chan-ok
Bae Jon-ok, Park Hae-il, Moon Sung-keun

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November 10th

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