Jane and Louise Wilson: Undead Sun/We Put The World Before You

In honour of Regent Street Cinema’s formative place in cinema history, Film and Video Umbrella and the University of Westminster’s Centre for Research in Art and Media (CREAM), present this special screening of two videos by the acclaimed artists Jane and Louise Wilson.

Undead Sun and We Put The World Before You look back at the aftermath of the First World War, and the huge technological and cultural transformations it brought in its wake. But the films also return us to the early days of cinema, and its new ways of seeing (and surveying) the world, in particular the films of the popular documentarist Charles Urban, which will also form part of the screening programme. Jane and Louise will discuss their work and the legacy of early cinema and its technologies.

BBFC rating
Running time
90 mins
Jane and Louise Wilson

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December 18th

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