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An amateur drama troupe rehearse the Capek Brothers’ The Insect Play exploring human/insect characters in the latest from surrealist director Jan Svankmajer

An amateur drama group led by a highly-strung director who also takes on the role of Mr Cricket rehearses the Capek Brothers’ The Insect Play.  The actors’ lives intertwine with the characters; the director’s wife becomes Mrs. Cricket flirting with the young actor playing the Wasp while Larva, interested only in her knitting, is horrified by her fellow actor/parasite’s antics.  And then there is the Dung Beetle who can’t remember his lines. With constant shifts between the stage and backstage action plus Svankmajer turning the camera on himself revealing the secrets of his tricks, this is a witty satire full of stop motion animation exposing the thin line between insect and human behavior by the master surrealist.

Part of Czech100: Made In Prague Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
98 mins
Czech Republic, Slovakia
Jan Svankmajer
Kamila Magalova, Jiri Labus, Jan Budar

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November 3rd

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