Ice Mother

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Made in Prague Film Festival

Highlights of Czech Cinema

Widowed Hana carries the groceries, looks after her grandchildren and cooks dinners for her self-centred sons. Never thinking about herself she carries on until she meets light-hearted Broňa, an ice swimmer, who lives in a camper van with his best friend Adele, a hen. Absorbed into Broňa’s swimming team, Hana gradually overcomes her fear of both life and icy water shocking her family and proving that it is never too late to change. Full of loveable characters, this heart-warming tragicomedy was nominated for both the European and the Academy Film Awards.

Followed by a Q&A with actor Pavel Novy

BBFC rating
Running time
106 mins
Czech Republic, Slovakia, France
Other features
Bohdan Slama
Zuzana Kronerova, Pavel Novy, Vaclav Neuzil, Tatiana Vilhelmova

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November 18th

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