I am the Gorgon: Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee and the Roots of Reggae

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Uptown Rockers
Reggae Film Festival

I Am The Gorgon tells the story of how Jamaican music spread from the ghettoes of Kingston to the furthest reaches of the globe. The principle focus is on the rise of legendary producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee, from car mechanic and record plugger to reggae’s most successful producer in the 1970s.

Bunny Lee was a prime agent for spreading reggae music internationally, carving out new markets in Britain and America, as he became the most prolific record producer on the planet. His journey involves politics, arguments, gangs and guns, and an amazing cast of musical talent in the extraordinary story of how and island of fewer than 3 million people spread its musical message across the world.

Followed by a Q&A with director Diggory Kendrick.
(Bunny Lee is no longer able to attend)

Part of the Uptown Rockers Reggae Festival.

BBFC rating
Running time
85 mins
Other features
Diggory Kendrick

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September 17th

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