Hounds of Love

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Teenage Vicki’s parents have recently separated and she is feeling treacherously rebellious. Sneaking out of her bedroom to head to a party, she has no idea of the dangerous path she is about to take, especially when lured into a couple’s passing car with the promise of illicit substances. Abducted back to the deranged couple’s home, Vicki watches in horror as the scope of their vicious mind games and deadly obsessions unfold in front of her. But Vicki is no shrinking violet and she soon realises that the only way she will survive this is to play them off against each other. Based (but not acknowledged) on the lives of real serial killers from the 1980s.

With introduction by Dr Lindsay Anne Hallam, Senior Lecturer, Moving Image Research Centre MIRC). Her primary research interest is horror cinema, she lived in Perth during the events that inspired the film and is a personal friend of the director.


“Being an unabashed feminist I am horrified by the amount of gratuitous violence towards women is depicted in cinemas today. But this film was utterly impossible to ignore. Told through the unique perspective of a serial killer’s girlfriend, and superbly crafted and shot, most of the violence is off screen and all the more powerful because of it. Not for the feint hearted, this will have you gripped from start to finish.” – Laila


Hounds of Love benefits from impressive control of visuals to build suspense and from the spiky performances of its fearless cast, flagging Young as a talent to watch.” David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

The feature will be preceded by the short film

The Guide

dir. Jonathan Grace, 2016, 14 mins (Sydney Film School)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

BBFC rating
Running time
108 mins
Ben Young
Emma Booth, Ashleigh Commings, Stephen Curry

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July 1st

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