Here For Life

Open City Documentary Festival

An uncommon story told on common ground by ten Londoners. All have lives shaped by loss and love, trauma and bravery, struggle and resistance. They grapple with a system stacked against them. They dance, steal, and eat together; agree and disagree, celebrate their differences and share their talents. The lines between one person’s story and another’s performance are blurred and the borders between reality and fiction are porous. Eventually coming together on a makeshift stage, Here for Life marks the culmination of a long collaboration between filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre-maker Adrian Jackson, a group of Londoners, and a dog.

Followed by a Q&A with Daniella Shrier, Founder-Editor of Another Gaze

In partnership with Another Gaze

BBFC rating
Running time
87 mins
Other features
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Adrian Jackson

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September 8th

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