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Global Feminism: Ending Violence Against Women

The Circle invites you to attend a new series of films inspired by the Annie Lennox campaign to promote Global Feminism, encouraging everyone to further understand the inequality around the world for the most disempowered and marginalised women and girls.

The first film, CITY OF JOY, shows a ray of hope in a country where rape is a weapon of war. Turning Pain Into Power is the theme of the amazing project that is CITY OF JOY, a sanctuary of healing and transformation for women who have been traumatised by the most horrendous and violent rape in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Annie Lennox urges everyone to watch this inspirational film demonstrating that we can effect changes to enhance and empower the lives of women across the globe.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with a panel sharing their experience of visiting the Panzi Hospital in DRC, founded by 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and City of Joy Consultant Dr, Denis Mukwege.

BBFC rating
Running time
74 mins
Madeleine Gavin

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March 13th

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