From a Year of Non-Events

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From a Year of Non-Events gently and tenderly chronicles a year in the life of 90-year-old Willi Detert, living alone on a dilapidated farm in rural northern Germany.

Renninger and Frölk follow Willi as he goes about his daily rituals and routines, recording the small details and textures that make up the minutiae of his quotidian existence: shuffling across his overgrown yard, feeding the chickens, playing with his cats, shattering the layer of ice that has formed on the outside water trough, reminiscing over tea with visiting family members about days gone by.

These fragments, exquisitely captured on 16mm and Super 8, are intricately woven together to create a delicate, impressionistic portrait of a man and his surroundings. Following Willi chronologically through the changing seasons, the resulting work is a rich study of an ordinary man in his twilight years and a deeply affecting meditation on the passage of time.

Followed by a Q&A

Part of the Open City Documentary Festival

BBFC rating
Running time
83 mins
Other features
Ann Carolin Renninger & Rene Frolke

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September 9th

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